'PR' Koce's River Running Wilma

Pedigree of 'PR' Koce's River Running Wilma

'PR' Koce's River Running Wilma

Whelp date: 11/05/2012

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
GRCH GRNITECH 'PR' Moonlight Big D HTX GRNITECH 'PR' Wrongway Ace GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Wrongway Billy 'PR' RedArrow Pokey Bill IV
'PR' Brooks Redbrook Belle
CH 'PR' Wolf Creek Sweet Annie GRWCH CH GRNITECH 'PR' Pattersons Deluxe Buster
NITECH 'PR' Nighty Night Red Roxie
GRNITECH 'PR' Nighty Nite Moonlight Kate GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Reeds Saline River Ratt GRNITECH GRCH Amos' Burning Ben
'PR' Dawn's Timber Rose
GRNITECH 'PR' Wapsi River Cookie GRCH GRNITECH 'PR' Outlaw Billy the Kid
'PR' Lamine River Outlaw Red Cheyenne
NITECH 'PR' Feldmann's Red Samantha GRNITECH The Red Rocker GRCH GRNITECH Stepp's Little Pepper CH GRNITECH Peel's Red Pepper
'PR' White's Little Jill
GRNITECH 'PR' Nighty Nite Moonlight Kate GRNITECH CH 'PR' Reeds Saline River Ratt
GRNITECH 'PR' Wapsi River Cookie
'PR' Sterkis Famous Midnight Raven GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' T-Top Rabble Rouser GRNITECH 'PR' T-Top Tree Talkin' Red Rat
GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' T-Top Rock-N-Red Raven
GRNITECH CH 'PR' Thomas Midnight Music GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Big G Farms Red Ice
GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Big G Farms Red Pepper
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Wilma has shown a lot of natural ability. She has a coarse chop mouth on track (occasionally squalls on hot tracks), a triple chop locate, and chops on tree.  She trees belly up on the tree.  She hunts medium to deep and never gives up on a tough track.  She has shown to be independent but has no problem running with other dogs.  She's been an honest tree dog thus far.  She is fairly warm nosed, and does good on hot tracks. She has an outstanding pedigree and we look forward to watching her progress and breeding her in the future. Wilma is right around 65 lbs in hunting shape.


She is great house dog and is very loving and affectionate and is a member of the family. She has never met a toy that she hasn't liked.

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