Here at River Running Redbones, we began our journey into coonhunting in 2010.  We got our first Redbone Coonhound, Jake, in 2010 from Timber Chopper Kennels. We learned as we went while training him.  He has progressed steadily into a solid all around dog.  He lives in the house and is an excellent member of the family.  We added to our lot of Redbones with the addition of Wilma, from Swann's Redbone Kennels, in early 2013.  She has been an early starting dog and is an excellent house dog as well.  Jake and Wilma are both solid coondogs that can tree coons on their own or with company.


We have been very fortunate to meet some good friends along the way who have helped us with the training and hunting of our hounds.  We look forward to continuing to gain knowledge in the world of coonhunting and extending our kennel in the future.




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